Quilting Classes

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Long Arm Quilting Class:

Boot Camp 1  $75 (includes box lunch each day)

Start and finish a 60" x 72" quilt in 3 short days!  You'll learn the basics of quilting, piece your quilt top, add borders properly and load your quilt on to one of our longarm machines to machine quilt!  We'll even cover binding application and have some fun along the way.  The quilt pattern is super easy for the first time quilter, plus has a different twist to interest the more experienced quilter.  So take a three-day break from work and walk off with a completed quilt!     Level 1

(3) Sat        01/28, 02/04 & 02/11     10am - 4pm daily   or
(3) Mon       03/06, 03/13 & 03/20     10am - 4pm daily   or
(3) Tues      04/04, 04/11 & 04/18     10am - 4pm daily   or
(3) Fri         05/05, 05/12 & 05/19     10am - 4pm daily    or
(3) Sat        06/10, 06/17 & 06/24     10am - 4pm daily

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Long Arm Quilting Class:

Boot Camp 2  $75 (includes box lunch each day)

For those who have completed Boot Camp 1, we have a new quilt for you to complete in 3 days! You'll enhance your longarm skills to include a simple shape after doing more precise piecing and cutting. We'll show you an easy way to attach your binding!
Level 1+

(3) Tues    02/14, 02/21 & 02/28     10am - 4pm daily  or
(3) Wed     03/15, 03/22 & 03/29     10am - 4pm daily  or
(3) Fri        04/07, 04/14 & 04/21     10am - 4pm daily  or
(3) Tues    05/23, 05/30 & 06/06      10am - 4pm daily

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Long Arm Quilting Class:

Boot Camp 3  $100  (includes box lunch each day)

For those who have completed Boot Camp 1 and Boot Camp 2, we have a more challenging quilt!  We'll be making the Scenic Route Quilt which will give you plenty of practice with working on the bias, and then it's off to the longarm room to try a pantograph pattern using a laser guide.  We have extended the number of days to complete this quilt to ensure everyone has plenty of time on the longarm machines.
Level 2

(4) Sat     03/11, 03/18, 03/25 & 04/01     10am - 4pm daily or
(4) Wed   04/26, 04/03, 04/10 & 04/17      10am - 4pm daily

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AccuQuilt Project - Chevron Quilt    $20

Instruction - Staff
Use the Flying Geese die included with your Go!Big Electric to create both Chevron and Flying Geese patterns while making this fun quilt!

(1) Thurs 04/20     1pm - 4pm

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AccuQuilt Project - Owl Quilt    $65  (save $30 by using your own Go!Cutter and Die)

Instruction - Staff
Use an Owl die and the AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine to create different small animals for an appliqué quilt!  Super cute!

(1) Fri      03/10     10am - 3pm  

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AccuQuilt Qube Project—Spiral Runner    $20

Instruction - Staff
Use any size Qube for this one! Using dies from the Qube set you’ll make this amazing 2 color runner that is simple to make, but has stunning movement to the pattern. Continue to make an entire quilt if you are so inspired.

(1) Thurs 05/25     5pm - 8pm

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AccuQuilt Retreat - Serendipity Runner    $75
(save $30 by using your own Go! cutter and Qube)

Instruction - Staff

In this 2-day class, you will combine the AccuQuilt Qube "Serendipity" and your embroidery machine to create this beautiful die-cut, embroidery machine appliqued runner!  Many techniques involved, but a great way to learn and utilize all of the features available when you purchase that Qube.

Fri & Sat   04/28 & 04/29     10am - 4pm          Supply List


Block of the Month - Buck a Block!   $90 annual fee

Instruction - Staff

This monthly program encompasses easy, basic quilting techniques while getting together with others who share a love of quilting.  There will be two colors to the sampler quilt (one traditional and a brighter one), each block will be pre-cut in a kit with block directions.  Members only may purchase each block for the quilt for $1.00.  You will need 30 blocks total to complete the quilt top before borders.  Diane will be available each month to demonstrate assembling the block.

 The cost for the year is $90.00 (10 classes) and you will receive a 20% discount off your regular priced purchases (excluding the $1.00 block) on the day of the club meetings.  Classes begin in February and run through November.  You can join anytime; we’ll get you caught up!

 This year’s Class Dates are:

Feb:   Sat  02/18  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  02/16   5pm-7pm
Mar:   Sat  03/18  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  03/16   5pm-7pm
Apr:    Sat  04/15  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  04/13   5pm-7pm
May:   Sat  05/20  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  05/18   5pm-7pm
Jun:    Sat  06/17  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  06/15   5pm-7pm
Jul:     Sat  07/15  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  07/13   5pm-7pm
Aug:    Sat  08/19  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  08/17   5pm-7pm
Sep:    Sat  09/23  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  09/21   5pm-7pm
Oct:    Sat  10/21  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  10/19   5pm-7pm
Nov:    Sat  11/18  1pm-3pm  OR  Thurs  11/16   5pm-7pm


Quiltworx Block of the Month Program - Vintage Rose   $250

Instruction - Stephanie Baker, Certified Quiltworx Instructor

Join Stephanie once a month as you learn new techniques while creating this stunning Judy Niemeyer paper-pieced quilt.  The program runs for six months - choose either Queen Size or Wall hanging!

Saturdays from 10am - 3pm
03/04, 04/01, 05/06, 06/03, 07/08 & 08/05

Pattern not included in fee.  All fees payable directly to Stephanie Baker, and she does accept credit card payments.  Tea Time Placemats class recommended for learning the basics before taking the Block of the Month.


BQ 5 Quilt   $30

Instruction - Staff

Learn simple block construction pieces for this easy, quick to make 3-color quilt.  The larger block areas allow you to highlight a favorite print or novelty fabric!

(1) Fri    01/27    12pm - 4pm  or
(1) Fri    06/09    12pm - 4pm

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Filigree Quilt   $40

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
Have you ever wanted to make a Snail’s Trail quilt? If so, then this quilt’s for you! Filigree is a unique variation on a traditional Snail’s Trail block. Instead of a four patch in the center, there are two pointy triangles giving you inter-locking twists - a unique effect reminding us of filigree scrollwork. With the addition of the Corner Beam units between the Snail’s Trail blocks you have even more spiky interest!

(2) Sat    04/01 & 04/22    10am – 3pm    Level 2 

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Fold and Stitch Blooms  $20

Instruction - Kelley LaRock
Similar to the Fold'n Stitch Wreath, this great beginner project, "Blooms", uses fusible fleece instead of Bosal! Add a small candle or vase of flowers to create a beautiful tablescape. Individual petals also make lovely coasters if you have extra material!

(1) Sat      01/21      10am - 1pm     or
(1) Tues    01/24        5pm - 8pm

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Fold and Stitch Wreath $20

Instruction - Kelley LaRock
Make this festive fabric wreath for the holidays!  Add embellishments and ribbons to accent your favorite holiday fabrics!  

(1) Sat    06/03  10pm - 1pm

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Fun and Done Quilting  $20/class

Instruction - Staff
Using a special template, you'll learn to quilt as you piece each block of your quilt. Put the blocks together and double turn your edges to finish! No binding or further quilting needed. A really interesting and easy way to make a quilt. Level 1

(1) Thurs    02/09     5pm - 8pm    $20   Project:  Tulip Tango     Supply List
(1) Wed      04/12   10am - 1pm    $20   Project:  Criss Cross    Supply List

Hex ‘N More Cube Runner   $25

Instruction - Staff
Apply techniques with the Hex ‘N More ruler as you assemble this fun and easy table runner!  The ruler makes the technique for achieving a 3-D look fast and simple.

(1) Fri    02/17    1pm-4pm 



Hibiscus Quilt   $40

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
This quilt is created with a large 21” block that creates a curved illusion. You can make the single block wall hanging or one of the larger quilts that show the secondary flower design.


(2) Sat    05/06 & 06/10    10am – 3pm    Level 3 

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Hidden Treasures Club   $30/project

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
If you love the versatility of the Hunter’s Star tool, this series of projects is for you! Every other month we will be making a project from Debbie Tucker’s book Hunter's Star Hidden Treasures. All of the projects are made using 8 light and 8 dark fat quarters or 2 yards of light and 2 yards of dark fabric.

(1) Sat    02/25    10am – 3pm    Level 2  Project:  Kings Pawn (p34)

(1) Sat    04/08    10am - 3pm    Level 2   Project:  Aquamarine (p88)

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Hunter’s Star Pointed Table Runner    $30

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
The project uses just 3 fabrics and can be made in a single sewing session - couple of hours if you’re fast. This is a great holiday project to either give or to enhance your home. It’s so quick and easy you’ll have time to make several before the holiday!

(2) Thurs  05/11 & 05/25    5:30pm-8pm    Level 2

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Inside Out Mats  $20

Instruction - Kelley LaRock
A great beginner project! These reversible mats are fun to make and an easy way to decorate your table!  Whip them up in just an afternoon! Pattern includes two bonus projects - a Table Square and Napkin Rings.

(1) Tues     03/21      5pm - 8pm   or
(1) Sat       03/25    10am - 1pm  

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Jenn's Journey Quilt  $45

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
This stunning quilt design is made using the new Large Square Squared tool in combination with the Diamond Rect’s tool!  This quilt, designed by Michelle Hiatt, is a modern play on a Snail’s Trail quilt layout.  Using the tools, you will complete this journey with ease.

(4) Thurs    01/26, 02/09, 02/23 & 03/16     5:30pm - 8pm      Level 3

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Quilt Club   $15/month or $90/year

Meet with friends when you join our 2017 Quilt Club! This year long program encompasses basic quilting techniques while getting together with others who share a love of quilting in a fun, relaxed setting.  This year’s club will be making small monthly projects and wall hangings. As a member you will receive a 15% discount on any fabrics, patterns or quilting notions purchased on the day of your club meeting. Diane will be available each month to guide you through the projects as you work on them in class.

 The cost for membership is $15.00 per month (10 classes).  If you choose to pay for the entire year by January 31, 2017, the annual fee is reduced to $90.00 and you will receive an additional 10% off your purchases on the day of the club meetings.  Classes begin in February and run through November.  The book is not included in the class fee.

2017  Class Dates are:

Feb:     Sat  02/18  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  02/14   5pm-8pm    Supply List
Mar:     Sat  03/18  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  03/14   5pm-8pm    Supply List
Apr:     Sat  04/15  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  04/11   5pm-8pm     Supply List
May:    Sat  05/20  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  05/16   5pm-8pm     Supply List
Jun:      Sat  06/17  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  06/13   5pm-8pm
Jul:       Sat  07/15  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  07/11   5pm-8pm
Aug:     Sat  08/19  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  08/15   5pm-8pm
Sep:     Sat  09/23  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  09/19   5pm-8pm
Oct:      Sat  10/21  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  10/17   5pm-8pm
Nov:     Sat  11/18  10am-1pm  OR  Tues  11/14   5pm-8pm


Scrappy Flag Wall hanging   $30

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
Get in the patriotic mood when making this fun scrappy flag wall hanging featuring Split Rectt™ stripes. It is a great way to use your scrap red, white and blue fabrics.

(2) Thurs  03/30 & 04/13     5:30pm – 8pm    Level 2

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Tea Time Placemats   $50

Instruction - Stephanie Baker, Certified Quiltworx Instructor

Learn the basics of working with Judy Niemeyer paper-pieced patterns and then use that information to create your own set of placemats!  We will begin with a lecture/demo in the morning to understand the method, discuss fabric choices and how to achieve stunning results before jumping in after a short lunch break to make your own placemats!  Very educational and fun class.  

Sat   02/04  10am - 4:30pm    Supply List or
Sat   05/13  10am - 4:30pm    Supply List

Pattern not included in fee.  All fees payable directly to Stephanie Baker, and she does accept credit card payments.


Tote Class  $20/class

Instruction - Staff
Make a different style tote each month!  Learn fun and new techniques with each tote, list of each month's project is coming soon!
Tues 02/07  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat 02/11 or   Mon 02/13    12pm-4pm   The Big Easy Tote    Supply List
Tues 03/07  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  03/11 or  Mon 03/13    12pm-4pm   London City Bag       Supply List
Tues 04/04  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  04/08 or  Mon 04/10    12pm-4pm   Yoga Bag
Tues 05/09  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  05/13 or  Mon 05/15    12pm-4pm
Tues 06/06  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  06/10 or  Mon 06/12    12pm-4pm
Tues 07/18  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  07/08 or  Mon 07/10    12pm-4pm
Tues 08/08  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  08/12 or  Mon 08/14    12pm-4pm
Tues 09/12  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  09/16 or  Mon 09/18    12pm-4pm
Tues 10/10  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  10/14 or  Mon 10/16    12pm-4pm
Tues 11/07  4pm-8pm  OR  Sat  11/11 or   Mon 11/13    12pm-4pm



Travel Iron Tote  $20

Instruction - Kelley LaRock
No more wondering how you're going to take that hot little iron home from class! This awesome Travel Iron Tote will be an invaluable addition to your sewing supplies on the go!

(1) Sat       02/25    10am - 1pm   or
(1) Tues     02/28      5pm - 8pm 

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Tumbling Triangles Quilt   $30

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
By combining two contrasting fabrics you will create triangles tumbling down the quilt. Using your V Block tool, this quilt is fun and quick. Just jump right in and give it a whirl!

(1) Sat     01/28     10am – 3pm      Level 2

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Wine Cooler  $20

Instruction - Kelley LaRock
The Wine Cooler Tote makes a great gift for a wine lover and is based on fat quarters! Uses Insulating Material to keep you bottle chilled.

(1) Sat    05/13   10am - 1pm  or
(1) Tues  05/23     5pm - 8pm


Winter Winds   $40

Instruction - Deb Thomas, Certified Studio 180 Instructor
This stunning quilt design is made using an on-point arrangement of Lemoyne Stars accented by Half- and Quarter-Square Lemoyne units. You’ll use Studio 180 Design's Rapid Fire™ Lemoyne Star and Tucker Trimmer™ I tools to construct this charming quilt.  The best part is that there are no “Y” seams in the Lemoyne Star blocks, they are made using a strip-piecing method!

(2) Sat   02/11 & 03/04     10am – 3pm      Level 3

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